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AuxBeam 11" Light Bar Review

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The small light bar that packs a punch!

Recently AuxBeam sent me one of their 11" light bars to test and review, so that is indeed what I have done. But first, here are the specs:

Note that the Deutsche Plug was my own addition and doesn't come with the kit.

Product: 11" Ultra-Thin Series LED Light Bar

Power: 30W

Lumen: 3000lm

Colour Temperature: Pure White 6000K

Waterproof rating: IP67

Material: Black Die-Cast Aluminium Housing

Lens: Toughened Glass

To put the light bar to the test, I first had to connect it to the light harness on my forester. Now the harness I installed uses Deutsche plugs, where as the AuxBeam light bar comes with some standard electrical connectors. The first thing I did was modify the light bar harness by adding my own Deutsche plug. Now it was time to put this thing to the test.

The first thing I wanted to test was the waterproof properties, as I have seen many a light bar with condensation under the lens.

AuxBeam claim the light bar has an IP67 rating which means the product should be waterproof to a depth of one meter.

My test wasn't that extreme, however I did leave it submerged in a bucket of water for an hour to see if any water leaked through. Once the hour was up, I pulled the light bar out to find it still working and completely dry behind the lens, so that was a pass for that test.

Next I wanted to see how shockproof the case was. A couple of good hits with a rubber mallet did just about nothing to it, as you could expect with a good aluminium casing. Again, a pass in my books. (Check out the test video below)

Finally the main test was the light output. Now AuxBeam claims the light produces 3000 Lumens in a pure white 6000K, so it was time to hit the tracks and do a little testing in the dark.

As I switched the light on for the first time come dusk, it wasn't as noticeable as other lights I have used in the past, but the dawn/dusk lighting is always a little funny and your lights serve better to help others see you then anything else. But once the light really died down, thats when this little beauty of a light bar really shined! (Pun intended)

The small lighter really makes a difference!

Flicking through the different light phases, the addition of the light bar made a vast difference and really helped to illuminate the road or track ahead. The light was mostly useful in illumination directly in-front of the vehicle and had a good vertical spread that lit up the road. Where this light bar was lacking was the ability to light up the surrounding roadside, but that is what you would expect with such a small light.

Overall I must admit I was surprised by this light, the build quality was really good and was quite powerful for its size. What is fantastic about the size as well, is that it is so small that you could easily do a stealth install behind the front grill or combine a few of these for additional lighting.

A quick thank you to AuxBeam for sending out this product and if you want to purchase your own, check out the AuxBeam website here, or from Amazon here.

Until next time,

Mitre A.

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