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SUVdoorstep - The gadget every overlander should have!

*Please note some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means Ignition Offroad, at no extra cost to you, make a small commission on any purchase you make through the link.

Are you into off-roading, overlanding or anything outdoors? Well there's a good chance you run a roof rack on your vehicle for extra storage, but what a pain it can be reaching up onto the roof! Particularly if your a little short, reaching the roof can be a struggle, but now there is a product out there to solve this issue!

Recently SUVdoorstep contacted me and asked me if I was interested in reviewing one of their products, and after seeing them reviewed by multiple creators on YouTube, I was quite interested.

SUVdoorstep conveniently hooks onto the door latch to create a step that can be used to easily reach your roof!

So first off, what is SUVdoorstep? Well basically, as the name suggests, its a step that hooks onto the door latch on just about any vehicle. This then creates a small platform you can use to easily gain access to the roof of your vehicle! No more scampering on the seats and wheel arches to try and reach the roof!

So what are the main features? Well first of all this doorstep is really tough! Its made of aircraft grade T1061-T6 aluminium for both strength and reduced weight and is rated to hold 230kg!

SUVdoorstep is also available in a range of colours, has a rubber backing to protect the paint on your vehicle, and has an emergency glass breaking tip on it as well, making it a multipurpose item! SUVdoorstep is also patented in Australia and the USA.

With its small size, it can easily be stored in the door pockets or glovebox and pulled out when you need to access the roof, or in emergency situations, can be easily reached as a tool to smash a window if you find yourself trapped in a car!

So the doorstep can hold 230kg, but what about the door latches? Well the Australian Design Regulations specify that a door latch must be able to take 9000 Newtons of downward force which equates to over 900kg's in downward force, so you have nothing to worry about there! If your interested in reading up on this, here is a link to the design regulations.

So what are my thoughts? Well I've wanted one ever since I first seen them, so I was very lucky to have SUVdoorstep reach out to me. I think this is a brilliant product that is super simple yet so effective. I recently used this product to install a new roof rack system, and was able to reach ever part of the roof I needed to, as well as being able to leave the step ladder in the shed.

There have definitely been plenty of times where I was attempting to reach the roof, wether it was to pack up the roof top tent, grab the recovery tracks, ect, where this product really would have come in handy. It feels really tough and was comfortable to stand on, and I believe this gadget will serve me well for years to come!

If you are interested in purchasing your own SUVdoorstep, you can do so by following the link here*

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