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The Start Of Ignition Offroad

Updated: Aug 15, 2019


My name is Mitre and I have been the face behind the Youtube channel "Mitre A" for the last two years. For those that aren't familiar with my channel, I have taken a unique approach to the off-roading lifestyle by heavily modifying a Subaru and taking it places that it was never designed to from factory...

Sometimes I do push it to far and get the subie stuck... That is part of the fun as some say!

My channel originally started out doing media coverage for events. I would go to my local car meets and bike races and just film the events, on my Canon 700D and edit them in iMovie.

It was at this stage that the off-road Subaru scene slowly started to appear and I rapidly started gaining interest.

A local guy called Tim had just lifted his SG forester with a 2.5" ADF lift kit and 31" muddies and his car went viral. By this stage I had to get in on the scene and thought hey, I've got a slammed SG forester with the dual range manual. Why make my own take on a lifted forester!

So here I was, searching the web like mad to find any bit of information I could about lifting Subarus, but the scene was young in those days and information was hard to come by. Thats how the channel really started when I realised that no one is doing tutorials for lifted Subaru stuff. I had found my niche, a market waiting to be discovered!

Fast-forward to now, two years down the track. I have made a tonne of new friends, approached by multiple companies and entertained thousands around the world.

My aim from the start was to help people access the information that I struggled to find when I started, and this is where Ignition Offroad comes in.

The new rebranding may be a little confusing for my current fans that are probably still searching for "Mitre A", however I hope the name is easier to find and remember.

With the start of Ignition Offroad, and the expansion from YouTube to the blog, I want to bring more content to the community and share my knowledge with the world.

I still have a lot to learn in terms of vlogging and filming and I am aware that sometimes I can lack details, so this blog is my solution to give you details I missed in my videos.

So why Ignition Offroad? Well once everything is packed and your ready for the next adventure, the first thing you do is turn the key. And thats when the adventure begins!

Don't worry, I'm not giving up on YouTube, just providing more ways for you guys to access information.

I hope you enjoy what the future brings with Ignition Offroad and I'll see you's in the next one!


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1 Yorum

Nick forester
Nick forester
13 Ağu 2019

Awesome work with the new site mate

Loving the look and feel

Good things to come

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